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iClip Profile video is the best $ value advertising you can get! DID YOU KNOW: Social video clips generate 1,200% more views and shares than text and image content combined !

Company profile iClips are normally ± 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes maximum playing time for the basic product. Production will include your company logo, contact details, music (copyright free) video production time and processing to enable uploading to Facebook, Twitter, Web sites, YouTube and mobile devices. Please contact Alan 0811285299 for quotation.


Video is consistently rated as one of the most effective types of content marketing by consumers and businesses alike. It’s a highly effective medium whether you want to raise product awareness, highlight employee stories or create a brand identity — video content can be utilized for just about any marketing goal.

West Coast Wheels
Coastal Couriers
Coffee shop
Merc Demo
Wine for sale
Waiting area productions
Waiting area productions
Guest house walk through
Roys Camp Lodge walk through
Karakulia Weavers
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